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Welcome to the Art Guild's Gallery



The artists participating within this Gallery are Art Guild members.  Most of the works are for sale and each artist provides details such as medium, size, and purchasing information.  Please review this information carefully when making a purchase, because it varies from artist to artist.  Purchasing is done through the individual artists and not through the Art Guild itself.  All contact information on these paintings should be directed to the individual artist and not the Art Guild.  The paintings below represent each artist in our gallery.  To view more of an artist's work, just click on his or her name below.  Please note that our Gallery is always changing with our artists creating new and beautiful paintings.  Please visit us frequently for updates.  Thank you for visiting. 





To view an artist's gallery, just click on his/her name below.


Pat Blackwell

Mary Brehens

Nancy Cagle

Bill Franklin


Judy Franklin


Larry Garza

Charleen Isbell


Harley Johnson



Myrl Luper

Martha McKinney

Gloria Meadows


Elisabeth Montgomery


Christine Niekamp


Judi Simon


Chesley Smith

  Linda Green



Sue Young


Tim Lowe


Sandra Scott




















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